Welcome to ReR  Downloads.

Here you will find the ReR catalogue to listen to and to download, as well as various unpublished titles available as downloads only.

Most titles are also still available as CDs, a few as LPs. There is an option to buy hard media – as well as the downloads – on each page.

You can choose CD-quality FLAC FILES, or MP3s.

Some original artwork, text and data can be downloaded too. Eventually we aim to have it all available (time, work, cost). CD-size facsimiles seem pointless, so we will redesign for single A4 (or similar) sheets, then they can be kept together in a folder or ring binder.

Several new features are in preparation: All the old vinyl releases will soon be available, and some download only releases. Please let us know about any glitches or problems you encounter, and ways in which the site could be improved.