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BUY Faust: The Wumme Years 5CDs, book and box (Only available as a box).

Price: £38.00

A sturdy box containing, 5 CDs – The first two Polydor albums, Faust and Faust So Far, The legendary Faust Tapes (re-mastered and here for the first time with a full track listing); 71 Minutes and the BBC Sessions+ which includes the historic radio session and a substantial amount of extra material, some of it never previously released. Plus a 40 page booklet of new interviews – with band members Jean Herve Peron and Jochen Irmler, reclusive producer Uwe Nettlebeck and legendary sound engineer Kurt Graupner – an eyewitness memoir by Peter Blegvad, and a great number of photographs, some from private collections, seen here for the first time. Definitive.
Also available individually: (click on cover image)